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Through One-on-One Career Coaching &

Canada's first Career Reinvention Bootcamp


Is this you?

Your current job is losing its appeal to you. You want to find something more fulfilling in or outside of your organization. 

You want more out of your life and career, but still haven't found that purpose, that calling, to channel your energy and creativity.

You want to start something of your own but don't know how to make it happen.

You are driven, curious and want to create a career authentic to you and to make an impact

Imagine... good you will feel when you could finally say that you are in a career/business where you THRIVE, rather than SURVIVE, and ACTUALLY having a clear action plan on how to make it happen.

What if this next calibration, was your best move yet - the one that made you one big step closer to what you really want to achieve in your life?

What if you could do this with a strong sense of certainty, without having to quit your job now, or be broke?

What if you could achieve what is authentic to who you are, with support of strong allies? 

You have the desire to succeed and are willing to work hard. What you really need are a roadmap, a community, proven tools and confidence.

Career reinvention bootcamp

The Career Reinvention Bootcamp is a full-day interactive workshop designed to help professionals and entrepreneurial-minded individuals with 5+ years of experience resolve career doubts, confusion, loss or boredom using a business model canvas approach and design thinking techniques. 


Primarily based on the international bestseller Business Model You, which describes a powerful four-stage method for drawing “personal business models”, this Bootcamp gives participants fresh ways to: 

  • Brainstorm and generate new insights for your career or business.
  • Gain a much clearer understanding of your brand and what career/business options are most aligned with your purpose, strengths and interests.
  • Become much more confident in promoting yourself and creating a network of people that support you.
  • Get motivation and support from a community of like-minded people with diverse backgrounds

the bootcamp will help you answer the following

Should I change my career? 

Should I start my own business? 

What are the other options out there?

How do I find a job more meaningful to me?

How do I regain motivation?






This is the first workshop offered in Vancouver, British Columbia, that’s based on the international bestseller, Business Model You, a one-page method to reinventing your career, which has been published in 17 languages and has helped tens of thousands of mid-career professionals reinvent how they work. Contact us to begin your career coaching today.


Creativity and innovation are important to us. We will use design thinking, a technique commonly used in product and experience design, in this bootcamp to help you “deconstruct” your life and career experience so far and “reconstruct” a career aligned with your purpose, values and interests.


You will benefit from feedback and fresh ideas from fellow professional participants with diverse backgrounds, not to mention guidance from two career coaches who have supported hundreds of others in expanding their career options, crafting practical paths to meaningful careers.


You will come to the bootcamp prepared with pre-bootcamp reflection exercises. Not only that, after the bootcamp, you get to keep your reinvention alive by receiving a free 30-min one-on-one coaching session, participating in alumni Facebook group and having accountability partners.


Praises from former participants

"Really enjoyed the visualization - Opened my eyes to what I want and value..." - Gaby R.

"Workshop is effective in gaining perspective and clarity. Also gets participants up for next steps with SMART goals." - Tony V.

"The flow of the day was very powerful. Plus the benefit of sharing the exercises with like-minded people is immeasurable. I'm empowered to try something that I dropped as an idea because why not! Rapid prototype. I can't fault it as a package. Excellent workshop, perfect level of casual vs. professional and very empowering." - Sam M.

"I'm more confident and courageous to make steps for my future career. Feel good walking out of this workshop. Didn't feel like an entire day. Thank you!" - Anonymous

View more testimonials here.

Video testimonials

Sam Middlewood is a former aerospace engineer from the United Kingdom and attended the Career Reinvention Bootcamp in February 2018. Hear Sam’s story on how the Bootcamp motivated him to pursue his entrepreneurial venture.

Allison is a marketing professional from Vancouver, BC and attended the Career Reinvention Bootcamp in February 2018. Hear what Allison has to say about how the Bootcamp gave her ideas, clarity and action plans on how to advance her career with her current employer.




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Clearer understanding of your creative career options and value proposition which helps you craft a strong personal brand and attract the right opportunities.


Inspirations and motivation for a career where you can take ownership, thrive and make an impact at the same time.

A mastermind group of like-minded people who are supportive, driven and committed to having an authentic career like you do.


Other practical outcomes


Compelling resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile content that get you noticed


Confident networking & interviewing that get you hired


Focused professional networking strategy that boosts your career trajectory

Iris Cai.jpg

Learn about Iris’ career journey since she arrived in Canada, and how it has inspired her to found Bolt Careers and help people who want to live a life and career that matter via the Career Reinvention Bootcamp.


Meet your coach, Iris Cai

Iris is a professional coach and workshop facilitator passionate about helping professionals and entrepreneurs create a life and career that matter.  As the founder of Bolt Careers and the Career Coach for University of British Columbia's MBA program, Iris has over 10 years of experience in various marketing and people development roles in organizations such as TELUS and Right Management. Iris's diverse corporate experience and aptitude in understanding product personas and marketing strategies have successfully enabled her to help hundreds of her clients discover the true essence of their humanities, chart their career paths and craft and market their personal brands.  

Warm, dynamic and creative, Iris thrives in helping her clients deepen their understanding of themselves, discover their passion and develop their resourcefulness and confidence to overcome challenges and pursue whatever that’s important to them.

A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, certified Emotional Capital Report and Business Model You® Practitioner, Iris's belief in her clients' potential, understanding of the role of the human brain in achieving peak performance, and her human-centred business background are some of her biggest differentiators as a coach. 

An avid reader, traveler, photographer and singer, Iris finds arts, culture, mental health and education for the underprivileged communities to be causes dear to her heart. She is the founder of Fewer Left Behind, a non-profit dedicated to helping children left behind by their parents due to urban migration.

Having spent the first 20 years of her life in China, Iris is now based in Vancouver, Canada and serves clients in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Connect with Iris on LinkedIn.

Drop Iris a line or book a free chat with her here.

Lewisa BIV 2.jpg

Meet your coach, Lewisa Anciano

Lewisa Anciano is a management consultant for several industries including technology, retail, banking, manufacturing and post secondary education. She is also an entrepreneur, who founded, a ready-to-go HR toolkit designed to jumpstart any HR initiative and with clients in Canada, US, Europe, and Australia.

In her last corporate role, Lewisa led the human resources function as Vice-President, People at Coast Capital Savings, identified as having one of Canada's most admired corporate cultures.  Recipient of the 2015 CPHR Human Resource Professional of the Year Award, she has enjoyed a multi-faceted career beyond HR with other award-winning organizations, in the areas of strategic planning, innovation management, corporate communications, organizational effectiveness, process transformations, as well as mergers and acquisitions.  

Lewisa holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a Masters in Organization Management. She has completed the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business Advanced Management Program, INSEAD's Strategy Execution program and the Organization Design Certificate at the University of Southern California.



how does the bootcamp work?



The Career Reinvention Bootcamp is primarily based on the international bestseller Business Model You, A One-Page Method For Reinventing Your Career, which describes a powerful four-stage method for drawing “personal business models” that show fresh ways individuals can adapt to changing marketplace needs — or create new, more satisfying work possibilities.

Produced by the same team that created the global sensation Business Model Generation, Business Model You has been published in 17 languages and has helped tens of thousands of mid-career professionals reinvent how they work.

one of the BEST                  CAREER REINVENTION TOOLs

BMY book cover.jpg

Your career reinvention experience consists of:

  • Pre-Bootcamp reflection exercises to help you hit the ground running on the day of the Bootcamp
  • Full-day Bootcamp facilitated by two career coaches
  • A free 30-minute follow-up coaching call with your coach
  • Continued support via alumni Facebook group

Quick Bootcamp overview by Iris: 


The full-day Bootcamp will go through 4 stages: 

1. Draw

  • Learn the Business Model Canvas
  • Draw your "as -is" Personal Business Model Canvas

3. Revise

  • Explore your resources and purpose and learn how they apply to your reinvention
  • Draw your new "to-be" Personal Business Model 

2. Reflect

  • Identify your career pain points or areas for change
  • Share with your classmates, coaches and get feedback

4. Act

  • Test with your classmates and coaches
  • Develop action plan
  • Social Hour / Networking



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