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What’s unique about us

You won’t get your average workshops with Bolt Careers. Leveraging multidisciplinary tools and concepts such as the Business Model Canvas, design thinking and branding to help clients think creatively and design their futures in a hands-on approach is what sets us apart. And we always go the extra mile to understand the needs of our clients to provide a customized solution.

With the Career Reinvention Bootcamp being our main workshop offering, we also design customized workshops suitable for organizations such as corporate, non-profit and educational institutions.

Signature Program


The Career Reinvention Bootcamp is a full-day interactive workshop designed to help professionals and entrepreneurial-minded individuals with 5+ years of experience resolve career doubts, confusion, loss or boredom using a business model canvas approach and design thinking techniques. 


how does the bootcamp work?


The career reinvention experience consists of:

  • Pre-Bootcamp reflection exercises to help you hit the ground running on the day of the Bootcamp

  • Full-day Bootcamp facilitated by two career coaches

  • A free 30-minute follow-up coaching call with your coach

  • Continued support via alumni Facebook group


The full-day Bootcamp will go through 4 stages: 

1. Draw

  • Learn the Business Model Canvas

  • Draw your "as -is" Personal Business Model Canvas

3. Revise

  • Explore your resources and purpose and learn how they apply to your reinvention

  • Draw your new "to-be" Personal Business Model


2. Reflect

  • Identify your career pain points or areas for change

  • Share with your classmates, coaches and get feedback

4. Act

  • Test with your classmates and coaches

  • Develop action plan

  • Social Hour / Networking

Click here to get an idea of how the Career Reinvention Bootcamp is offered to the general public.



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  • Career and talent development

  • Team development

  • Career transition/outplacement

  • Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship

  • Personal branding

  • Emotional intelligence in life-long career success



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