Praises from former participants

"Really enjoyed the visualization - Opened my eyes to what I want and value..." - Gaby R.

"Workshop is effective in gaining perspective and clarity. Also gets participants up for next steps with SMART goals." - Tony V.

"The flow of the day was very powerful. Plus the benefit of sharing the exercises with like-minded people is immeasurable. I'm empowered to try something that I dropped as an idea because why not! Rapid prototype. I can't fault it as a package. Excellent workshop, perfect level of casual vs. professional and very empowering." - Sam M.

"I'm more confident and courageous to make steps for my future career. Feel good walking out of this workshop. Didn't feel like an entire day. Thank you!" - Anonymous

"Really liked all of it. The pre-work was good to set the tone, and allowed lots of time for activities in the workshop. I [now] have a framework/model for organizing my thoughts and plans. It's also helpful to clarify purpose. This workshop was a great benefit to provide structure to planning a career change/new business idea." - Kathy Harms

"The workshop was really engaging. It is structured in a way that almost anyone can benefit from it. I found the reflections and having other people share their ideas super helpful. Now I know some areas that need more focus so I can move forward with my career." - Rose

"Love the 'Canvas' and being aware of my Saboteurs. Identifying what's holding us back is very important when you are planning to overcome it." - Ruby Liu

"It was nice to be in a room with other people with the same challenges. I liked many of the exercises and now feel more motivated to write my book and get a different job." - Rama

"Iris facilitated very well. The pace was nice and adequate time was given to all activities. I have more clarity for my career plans now thanks for this helpful workshop." - Inderpreet Sandhu

"I feel more confident and less confused about what a career is and should be and got some good tips/advice from participants who are in the same boat who want to find satisfying careers that give back. It helped me realized that I'm not alone in this journey, and that it is very important to articulate and talk with others about what we want in our careers and in life - they are both intertwined." - Margaret

"I found the interactions with other participants very helpful. The workshop also gave me confirmation that my path is correct." - Eric

"I gained a lot of clarity from developing my purpose statement and understanding what has been holding me back. The workshop has helped me understand myself better and move forward." - Kimberly

"I like the energy, engagement, and how relatable and useful the activities are. Truly enjoyed the workshop. 10/10 recommend!" - Chan Oh

Video testimonials

Sam Middlewood is a former aerospace engineer from the United Kingdom and attended the Career Reinvention Bootcamp in February 2018. Hear Sam’s story on how the Bootcamp motivated him to pursue his entrepreneurial venture.

Allison is a marketing professional from Vancouver, BC and attended the Career Reinvention Bootcamp in February 2018. Hear what Allison has to say about how the Bootcamp gave her ideas, clarity and action plans on how to advance her career with her current employer.

Photos from Previous Workshops